Meeting Notes Workflow

Based on whiteboard drawings by Ian Hawkins and Tyler Phillips on 2018-01-30.

This document is intended to suggest to documentation team members how to update the wiki with new tasks after a meeting.

  • Take notes from a meeting
  • Make a new docs page and specify its location and date. For example:
    • meeting/backend/2018-02-14.rst
    • meeting/general/2018-03-20.rst
  • Convert your meeting notes to Markdown formatting, if they aren’t already.
  • For each task in the meeting notes, create a new ticket in the appropriate project and assign it to the person most responsible for it. Add as much detail as possible from the meeting notes and specify any additional people working on that ticket.
    • For a proof of concept task, click the “Issues” button in the top right (on desktop) and add an issue to the ‘poc’ project.
  • Notify Kyler about anything that would affect the big-picture schedule.